Bicolor Interdental brush
June 19, 2018
TPE Rubber soft pick
June 19, 2018

TPE Rubber soft pick

Model No.:  ZFY-IB04A

Material: TPE rubber + food grade PP

Rebound elasticity: Very good



Item name TPE Rubber soft pick
Material Bristle: TPE rubber, handle: food grade PP
Size& weight Length: 4.9cm, width: 0.65cm, weight: 0.12g
Package 15pcs/ plastic case, 20pcs/ plastic case, 15pcs/ card, 20pcs/ card, 40pcs/ card or customized
Storage Plastic bag or PP case, cool and ventilated place without sun exposure.
Certificate CE, FDA and ISO9001 certificate and SGS test report


Color of the soft tip is customized


  1. Rubber interdental brush that is gentle on the gums and help massage gums.
  2. Clean between teeth where a toothbrush can not reach and remove plaque.
  3. Standard size (for people who use commercially available interdental brushes in SSS/SS/S/M size)
  4. Comes with a convenient travel case.
  5. A new product with high cost performance, very very popular.
  6. Food grade material and non-dust production workshop.
  7. ISO9001 and FDA certification, with our own PATENT.


15pcs/case, 15pcs/card

20pcs/case, 20pcs/card

20pcs/case, 40pcs/card